about_thumbCostar Shipping Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore in 1989 is the general agents for COSCO in Singapore. Providing full range of ship’s agency duties for all types of vessels , such as cellular containerized vessels, bulk carriers, general cargo vessels, tankers and others operated by COSCO.

Our duties include but not limited to ship’s husbandry, ship operations, stowage planning, freight documentation, sales and marketing, equipment control/repair/maintenance, cargo operations, marine claims and others.

Together with our subsidiary office in Pasir Gudang, we’re able to provide quality services to our customers at our door step.

COSCO is one of the major carriers in the world, operating a fleet of more than 600 vessels and COSCO Container Lines operates a fleet of more than 130 cellular containerized vessels with a total capacity in excess of 325,000 teus. Vessels of up 9,500 teus capacity are in her fleet and another eight 10,000 teus capacity and others are scheduled for delivery commencing year 2007. Her vessels sail in all oceans to connect all the major ports across the five continents. Being the hub port for COSCO Container Lines in this region, we¬°’ve an extensive coverage of ports of calls East or West of Singapore and South East Asia, and also feeder connection to all ports in this part of the world. The major routes to the West are Europe, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, South Africa, South America and Indian Sub-continent. To the East are China, Japan, South Korea and USA.

Costar Shipping Pte. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified company and we’re committed to the provision of Quality Services that consistently meet statutory, regulatory requirements and also our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Our quality commitment is to meet and exceed customers’ shipping needs through a concerted effort, thereby providing quality services at all times and have adopted our corporate quality first objective to meet our customers’ requirements:

We, believed that in a service organization like ours, the most important and valuable asset to the Company is its Staff. Our emphasis is on staff continuous development and IT application to stay ahead of our competitors and also continuously improve one-self and adapt to changes in order to improve our Quality Service to our customers.

In addition, we also took full advantage of COSCO in house computer system and technologies in our day to day operations. Mapping out feasible strategies and strengthen our cost control, integration of information, responding to customers’ queries, strengthening of our operational system and service network. In so doing, we’re able to maintain our edge in this competitive shipping environment.

Costar Shipping Pte Ltd is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, 2007. Our initial set up was not as smooth sailing as compared to the steady growth nowadays. Our success was attributed to our hard working and dedicated staff, good management strategy, COSCO trust and support and most important of all, continuous customers support in all our trade routes.

Today, Costar reputation spreads far and wide in this region.